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Marni Rachmiel

Seattle, Washington
Hello British Friends! I am a longtime member of Ann Arbor Monthly Meeting in Michigan in the US. Last summer i moved to Cambridge UK with my husband, who got a job here. We'd been living in Seattle for some time but my affiliation with Friends has stayed mainly with my home meeting in Ann Arbor, and somewhat with Boulder Friends Meeting in Colorado, where i was active while going to grad school at Naropa in Contemplative Psychotherapy. I'm a musician, and before Covid (and hopefully again before too long), i played regularly for contra dances and English country dances around the US and Canada. I'm hopeful about connecting with those communities in the UK soon and finding/forming bands to play in, and once it's finally safe, dancing socially once again. We also had a little acoustic house concert series, and i was on the boards of a couple of local and regional folk music organizations. I'm still serving on the board of the Country Dance and Song Society (www.cdss.org). I'm very interested to learn about life and Quaker community in the UK and particularly Cambridgeshire to start with, and to connect with other folk musicians/dancers and that whole community. Also very interested in connecting with Universalist Friends here.